Who is Rem The Mulatto?

The day wanes. I can see the fading effort of the sunshine attempting to pass beyond the blinds of my window. It may seem like an infinite ball of light, but the sun tires too. I ponder the synchronized way humanity follows the day. Rise when the day demands, and fall when the freaks come out. It’s strange how such rebellion can make you feel so free, but with that freedom comes the price of insecurity. Accidental poetry is the best poetry.. But to stay on topic, the planners tell the all day party people when it’s bed time. The party people tell the planners to live a little. Just another case of something vs. something opposite. Black vs. white. There’s always two sides.. Like an old school cassette tape, Side 1 and Side 2. What about Side 1 and a half? Well.. that’s where I come in.

Howdy folks. I’m Rem, your friendly neighborhood mulatto. Not just any mulatto. THE Mulatto. This is not to say that I’m the last mulatto. I know light skinned men went out of style, but it aint that deep.. This is just to say that being a mulatto is my most defining characteristic, therefore I embrace it and shall hereby be known as The Mulatto in third person conversation. If you see me on the streets, I won’t be mad if you call me The Mulatto.. just don’t forget the “The”. Otherwise it will feel derogatory and you won’t like me when I’m offended (Hulk The Mulatto?). If that’s too complicated for you, Rem or Remy will do fine.

The real question is, what am I going to write about? Hmm? Oh you’re waiting for ME to answer.. I was asking YOU! Hell I don’t know, I just made this account so that I could read other blogs on this site. I tell you what I do know though.. I’m going to entertain. I was born for it. You wouldn’t know by spending time with me in person because my nature is quiet and withdrawn. However, give me a creative outlet and my charisma, attitude, and intellect come spilling out like crazy out of Mel Gibson on a personal phone call. Poor guy..

Welcome to one of my many creative outlets. I hope you and I last forever.. or at least until I get rich enough off this sh*t to retire.. 😉


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