Do You Trust Barack Obama?

Disclaimer: Barack Obama is a topic of interest for me and shall continually come up in discussion. However, this is NOT a political blog. I hate politics.


The Black and White of Barack Obama


If there is any man in the world I would like to emulate I gotta say it’s my fellow mulatto, President Barack Obama. That’s got nothing to do with race either (mulatto awesomeness aside). Hell, any black man not brainwashed by hood dreams should want to be Barack Obama. The man’s got enough game to woo half the world let alone a woman; and that game has got him some kind of prize in the beautiful, strong, and intelligent Michelle Obama and their gorgeous children. He’s as cool as any man can possibly be (he’s at the top on a scale from 1 to Billy D) and he’s got more heart than any man I’ve ever heard of (except maybe Muhammed Ali). U gotta have heart to overcome the basic struggles that come from being black (half black = black, he woulda been a house negro) and be willing to take on the world’s problems. Not to mention being able to keep a level head and keep pushing forward even when the odds no longer seem in your favor.. i.e. your haters outnumber your fans.


Maybe I’m just rooting for the home team on this one (GOOO MULATTOS!), but Barack Obama can do no wrong in my eyes. I profess to be a good person.. in being a good person I feel like I can recognize other good people (like how gays recognize other gays and how Republicans recognize demons). I don’t see Barack Obama as “The President”, but as a good man with ALL the responsibility in the f*kin’ world. He’s a man trying to do what’s right the best way he knows how. I don’t feel that for many politicians.. Hell, I don’t feel that for any politician (can’t hate on Bill though..) His only visible flaw as a world leader as far as I can see (The Mulatto Perspective) is that he may not have as much experience one would want from the man who is supposed to fix the world. Perhaps if he was born on Krypton..


I know he busted out the gates as a phenomenon, talking that talk we like and becoming the first black president and all, but he still is just One Man (like Tank). Everybody can speculate about what he’s supposed to be doing, where he falls short (jump shot?), and why he’s wrong, but can you really tell a man how to do his job if you’ve never done that job yourself? In fact, I think every single person who says Barack is failing should have to take on his job for one week. FAIL gets tatted on the foreheads of those found crying in a corner before Sunday morning. As a matter of fact, I don’t think McCain would have been able to deal with the stress and would have passed on just to have an out.. and then The Palinator would have driven our country straight to hell.


Then, there’s the blatant Republican antagonism. I used to consider myself moderate (The Mulatto of Democrats and Republicans) but got played to the left so hard by that Republican mentallity that I just stayed left. Fox News and their crew of blood suckers (True Blood over Twilight) went at Obama on the daily, even before his approval rating began to fall. Thank God for that good shephard, Jon Stewart, for calling them out at each chance or the sheep (baaaa!) would be following the wolves into the woods.


Not trying to sound all radical left, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Repubs were behind the Oil Spill as a means of throwing dirt on the Obama administration. Don’t underestimate the power of a faction or group when they’re unhappy or losing. Examples: crack, AIDS, Jay-Z and the rap industry being associated with the devil. All of these things are considered by many of the revolutionaries as The Man’s attempts at penetrating and destroying the rise of black people in America. With an open mind, I can’t make accusations, but I won’t put it past them.


Back to the Obama.. Our President. Do you trust him? I believe that is what he needs most in order to make the real difference he’s meant to make. The haters are gonna do their best to hate, but if the people who claim to be on your side begin to falter, it becomes more difficult to continue on your path with confidence that it’s the right thing to do. So I ask again, do you trust your President to do the job or do you not?



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3 thoughts on “Do You Trust Barack Obama?”

  1. The short and long answer to that question is: No.
    And I’m not a “racist”. I think his policies are crippling the United States.
    He could be the “coolest” guy on earth, that being said, his policies are killling America as a sovereign nation.

    Have a great weekend.


    1. It’s easy to point out the flaws in a plan, but it’s much more difficult to come up with a plan with no flaws. If Obama is wrong, I presume that means you are right.. So what should Obama be doing exactly? No need to comment about it here, I’ll look for a post about it in your blog because I imagine it’s going to be a long one.


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