What Do Women Want?

Disclaimer: This entry is not an attempt at telling men how to get into a woman’s head or a woman’s pants.. If that’s what you’re looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend. Neither is my area of expertise. I just try stuff until something works like most men.

This question truly gets the hamster wheel going sometimes. I think the answer is: “everything they can get their pretty little well manicured hands on”. Did that sound sexist? It was supposed to. Since women are running the damn world, sexism is just a figment of our imaginations now, right? So I think it should be funny by now.

Here’s my beef, ladies.. *immature snicker* Anyway.. Women have come very far. Now that isn’t to say that you’ve reached full equality with men. In reality, that may never happen.. Would you like to know why? Because that’s not what you ladies really want. The second a man and a woman have any equivalent job and make the exact same amount of money will be the second women can no longer hold men to our traditional gender role in a relationship. Though considering Sigmund Freud’s theory about women and penis envy, maybe I’m wrong. o_O

Let’s be real, most of you ladies have already stepped out of or never intended to be in YOUR traditional role. Show of hands how many ladies feel it is their duty to watch the kids, do the dishes, handle the laundry, clean the house, cook dinner, and in general, do what the man says. Hmm.. one, two, ZERO! You remember those days.. Maybe not personally, but your grandmother could tell you some stories.

What are ladies doing today? Whatever the hell you want. Playing basketball, telling jokes, running businesses, fighting for their country, defending clients in court, cutting into patients, damn near running the United States. Of course that last one is an almost, but it’s only a matter of time, ladies.. You know you don’t get to do stuff until after the minority males get their shot.

Here’s where your greed comes into play. Women still expect to be courted. Women still expect to have babies. Women still expect a dominant sexual partner.. OK, I’m mostly joking, but dig this one.. Women still seem to want all the freedom to lead the household without actually taking on the responsibility of it. I believe there isn’t a single working woman who is willing to be the sole provider in her household. You know what I mean.. have your man be a house husband. I can already hear the OOOs like I just said a four letter word. That’s gonna be the new profanity for the 2010s. Shut the house husband up!!

From personal experience and basic observation, I have learned that if a man is not working and a woman is, resentment and lack of respect builds. Does the man deserve it? Well.. does a housewife deserve it? Most women would say no if I asked the second question first. A woman not seeing the big picture would sit here and try to undo all the progress women have made saying something along the lines of, “Well if she’s able to work, she should be workin’!” Nice try imaginary lady in my head, but I’m not buying it.

With great power comes great responsibility.. You saw Spider Man!! All of you lovely ladies are as much heroes now as us. You might look a lot better in your spandex than we do, but you’re still our equals now. Equality can’t come where you want it, but be shunned where you don’t. It’s not fair is it, ladies? That’s what comes with the territory. Welcome to the world formally known as “A man’s world but nothing without a woman”. Now it’s simply “A man’s and a woman’s world in perfect equality and harmony” or “Our World” for short.

However.. As I said in the beginning. I don’t think you ladies will let it come to that. A lot of y’all be on that independent woman sh*t, but you would LOVE for a man to truly treat you like a lady.. at least from time to time. I can’t be mad at that. I’m old fashioned myself. So, ladies…. here’s a rose:


Now go make me a sandwich..


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4 thoughts on “What Do Women Want?”

  1. I totally agree with you, and I’m a woman, so I should know, lol.

    Yeah, we wanna be equal everywhere else BUT in the household, lmao. I tell people all the time, when I get married, i fully expect my husband to be the leader of our home. And yes, that means I will wash your draws and make your lazy ass a sammich, but I also hope to have a household where those responsibilities are shared, at least SOME of the time. If I’m tired or stressed, will you refuse to make me a sammich or pull out that vaccum and holla at the carpet in the den? Does that make you less of a leader in your home? Is that unrealistic?

    If this makes no sense, I apologize, because I truly am rambling, all to say that yeah, you are correct.


    1. hell yes 8th wonder! Makes perfect sense…we, women, are picky, period. Meaning that, yes, we want equality everywhere but the household…but even in the household there better be some equality. Living together, man and woman, that is a Partnership, not a dictatorship. But I’m slightly old fashioned and yes the woman should do the dishes and whatever. The man should provide for the household. Doesn’t mean that the man can’t help with chores and the woman couldn’t work as well. Just means that there needs to be respect amongst the two.


  2. I have to say, I do agree with allot of what your saying, it makes sense. I’m pretty sure, when I get a little older, I’m not going to want to be stuck in the house all the time, and not get any social time for myself. Trust me, my mother has told me more than once that when you have kids, it’s gets harder to be free, and probably make you jump at the chance to leave the house as soon as it;s offered.

    But…. about the husband thinggg :)- I’m pretty sure, when I get married, I want us to share equal responsibilities, as well as separate, so no problems start, over dumb stuff, like why didn’t you clean my dish? hahah
    much love


  3. Though I see your point in some aspects, one huge one gets in my way of supporting this post. .,the playing field is not completely level. Men still, based on statistics, make more money than women. That is the hitch in your thoughts. I don’t have kids or a husband so I’m not entirely sure what my thoughts are on family homelife and the roles within such a life but I do think that if either party is financially able to take care of the whole household then it’s always an option.

    Also, a lot of the stereotypical resentment of men who let their female counterparts take care of financial duties stems from society and often the men themselves. It’s not always the woman throwing the daggers honey.

    I personally think I would never feel complete security if I didn’t have my own career so I don’t think the housewife route is for me but no shade to those that do.


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