Oh You Happy Huh?

My homeboy used to work with me. He, myself, and two other guys I went to college with all worked here. Technically we’re all friends, but anyway..

My homeboy got a new job some time ago. He, like the rest of us, wasn’t really happy here. The problem is that when you compare it to worse things, like the fact that we were all unemployed before this job, it’s not really a bad gig. It’s just not ideal, but anyway..

My homeboy moved on. I talk to him on a daily basis and he tells me he’s happy at his new place. That’s fun, but let me tell you what this happy motherfucker said to me a yesterday. The time was approximately 4 PM eastern standard time. I sent him an instant message asking why he was still at work. He’s usually gone by 2:30 PM, 3 at the latest. You wanna know what he told me?

“I was working and I lost track of time”

Did you now? You happy bastard.

I get off at 5. The second 5 o’clock hits, ain’t no losing track of time. I’m gone.

So the question is, why do I still come here then? But anyway..


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