Classic Man Rem-Mix


I’m in a three piece givin’ notta fuck about fashion
Attractin’ paparazzi got me bustin’ up cameras
Not because I give fuck u muphuckin’ bastard
I dont need ya flash, bitch, I got it automatic

I hate small talk, feels fake like asses
In 2015, that’s what she bought instead of classes
Mixed, I’m mulatto but I love my blackness
I be on that new shit, but I’m still classic

Man.. I ain’t lookin’ for a fast chick..
Tryna get the pipe cuz the bitch so ratchet
I like a chick bad, I ain’t lookin’ for a bad bitch
Bad bitches barbie dolls asses plastic

Damn, and that ass is a hazard
Where u get it from, last year you aint have shit..
Now u gotta thang that turn a saint into a savage
Baby got back to get some backstage passes

How you get it, oh I got it, got to be magic
Whodini pulled a fatty out a fitted like a rabbit
Genie in the bottle and you wish to be a bad bitch
Went from being average to everybody’s bad list

Fairy godmother turned the pumpkin to a carriage
Now you got an onion that’s going to turn into a cabbage
I ain’t mad I’m just asking
you do what you gotta do to be a classic


Published by

Remy Mulatto

I do a few things..

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