Mr. & Mrs. Smith

My favorite kind of movies are the ones that give you something new on later watches. The kind that give you enough to follow the plot and the characters the first time but when you go back and watch it again, you feel something.

That is not to say that Mr. & Mrs. Smith is one of those movies given that the title of this post is based on that movie. However, after sitting yesterday for a moment considering that movie, I did get something new out of it.

It’s more than just a movie about two spies working for competing agencies who happened to get married. It’s a movie about the climax of marriage. A movie about marriage at the point of destruction or resurrection.

Let’s talk about marriage for a moment.

We meet. We fall in love. We decide based on that feeling and several other factors we find important at the time that we want to spend the rest of our lives with this person. We spend a few years with this person. We eventually realize we don’t know this person as well as we thought. We fall out of love with this person, but we hold on to them for one reason or another.

Something happens. Something tragic. Something wonderful.

Whatever it is, it either makes or breaks the relationship. If we do survive it together, we come out of it learning something about ourselves and this person. This strengthens our bond. And then we live happily ever after.

Or do we? I guess we’ll see..


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