Some time ago, I made my first and only mixtape. Not a mixtape like everybody had in the 90s where you record all your favorite songs off the radio so you can jam out to them later, but a mixtape that everybody has in 2015 because most people can’t sing but everybody and they momma thinks they can rap. Shoutout to the chick who called me a struggle rapper on twitter that one time like I don’t have a bachelor’s degree and work a 9 to 5 in an office every day.

Anywho, this is not a post about my mixtape, though I do appreciate the listen if you’re in the mood. I know. A humble rapper? Where the fuck did I come from?

No, this is about a phone call I had yesterday. At lunch I got a call from a recruiter who messaged me on LinkedIn about a job opportunity. After he got all up in my business about my work history and salary requirements, he told me that I’ll need to “exercise a thirst for this position” if I expect to get it. My first thought when he said that was about my mixtape, which is called “th1rst”.

“It’s funny you say that, Mr. Recruiter, cuz I spit hot fire on 16 tracks two years ago all about that. While I got you on the phone, let me play you some.”

I had something of a thirst when I created it. A thirst for several things:

To be heard. To be valued. To have my message understood and appreciated. To get paid. To be loved. To win.

So here we are two years later. I am ready for the next move in my career, making the first step by speaking with this recruiter. And he shares a message with me. A message I wanted to share with the world. I can’t imagine he understood what it meant to me to hear him use that word. You did right by me, Mr. Recruiter. You the real MVP.

Now let’s drink up. Cheers to new opportunities.


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