Rem & Chris One 2017

Remy: So there is a prison game LOL. It’s brand new at E3

Chris: yeah

Chris: i thought you saw that?

Remy: Nope

Chris: its a two player couch game

Remy: And it’s coop. That’s cool

Remy: Couch game?

Remy: You mean split screen

Chris: yup

Remy: Wtf is a couch game?

Chris: wtf is a jeremy

Chris: hush

Remy: Like did you just make that up or you heard it somewhere?

Chris: dont know just said it

Remy: LOL

Chris: you want to fight about it?

Remy: You made it up!

Chris: bring it

Remy: That’s bold. You just call stuff what you think it is regardless of what it actually is, huh?

Chris: yes

Remy: “This basketball is an orange bouncy sphere”

Chris: it is

Remy: “This book is a dead tree”

Chris: feel good now

Remy: “My hand is a 5 legged octapus”

Remy: I could totally do this for the rest of the day

Remy: “This keyboard is letter buttons”

Remy: “The sun is a fireball”

Remy: “Air is invisible breathy stuff”

Remy: “Pizza is cheesy saucy bread. Or saucy cheesy bread depending on how you like it”

Chris signed off at 2:36 PM


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