Before I Do by Sevyn Streeter

Her album kind of feels like an homage to 90s R&B with all of the references and lyrical samples. This song in particular feels very reminiscent of Aaliyah.


Rem & Ed One 2018

Remy: Why is XBox One called XBox One?

Remy: 360 is a higher number than One

Remy: Why are they jumping back in time in numbers?

Remy: What’s the next one gonna be called? Xbox Negative?

Remy: Actually no the latest one is just algebra.. Xbox 1x

Remy: Which technically could be negative anything. So instead of going further down in actual numbers they just went deeper into number obscurity. 1x could be anything. Solve for X

Remy: The next XBox will be called XBox String Theory

Remy: XBox Quantum Physics

Remy: XBox Flat Earth

Ed: you feel good about that rant?

Remy: I feel like it should have gone longer

Remy: Maybe they’ll go the other way and call the next XBox Xbox universe

Remy: XBox Galaxy

Remy: Or XBox Atom. The possibilities are endless

Remy: And stupid

Remy: If I worked at Microsoft I would fire the fuck out of the guy who came up with XBox One

Remy: Even if it was Bill Gates himself

Remy: “Get the fuck outta here Bill. You’re dumb now”

Remy: Rants are hard

Ed: rants are not hard if you let them come naturally, this seems a little forced to me

Remy: The whole thing?

Remy: Dont you be rating my rant you motherfucker

Remy: Your existence seems a little forced to me

Remy: Yeah that’s right. U insult my rant, I insult your existence

Ed: hey, man, i’m just saying in 10 years i’ve known you have a lot better rants, this just seems like it’s not your best

Ed: you gotta be able to take some constructive criticism

Remy: Yo life is constructive criticism. Boom! Roasted!