Drake 2018

There’s probably 3 ways I would rate an album. One is percentage of songs liked on the album, another is simply total number of songs liked on the album, and more scientifically you could apply some weight to each song depending on how much you like it and build your rating scale that way. Another way to do this scientific method is to simply say how strongly you feel about the album which I think inadvertently applies the weight of the songs. If an album has like 3 of your favorite songs of all time on it, you are bound to hold that album over higher regard than a full album of just pretty good songs. I am going to list my order of Drake’s albums with their ratings based on these three scales, the third being the feel method rather than scientific because who has time for all that?

Also note that Scorpion is not fully being treated fairly here due to not having the luxury of age cuz it’s brand new. I may love other songs over time to push it higher on the list, but we’ll rock with this for now.

In order of percentage of songs liked:
80% Nothing Was The Same
78% Take Care
75% Views
67% So Far Gone
65% if You’re Reading This
62% Thank Me Later
52% Scorpion
36% More Life

In order of total songs liked, loved, or played again regularly:
14. Take Care
13. Scorpion
12. So Far Gone
12. Nothing Was The Same
11. If You’re Reading This
09. Thank Me Later
08. More Life

In order of feelings about the album:
1. Take Care
3. So Far Gone
4. Scorpion
5. Nothing Was The Same
6. Thank me Later
7. If You’re Reading This
8. More Life

For the record, all of these lists are bullshit. The real one would be the scientific one that applies the weights of the songs. It would provide the perfect balance of feelings and statistics and probably be the most accurate representation of how I would rank these albums based on my personal opinion. Perhaps on another day.


Us Too

One of the biggest problems in the world is not being able to relate your own problems to the problems of people unlike you. There are many parallels between poor black people and poor white people, but we can’t seem to find a common ground because of how different we feel like we are. This post isn’t about race, though. This post is about the freedom to flaunt. First let’s take a look what Drake’s dad said about the Me Too movement.


For those who don’t want to click the video, he basically said women need to go home and stop putting themselves in these #metoo situations.

Ok I am not saying I agree with this man, but it’s a strong idea to consider when it comes to what is happening in the world. Of course women would argue that rape happens even in the most conservative of countries and under the least sexual of circumstances so it can’t be all on them to simply “cover up” or to not put themselves in these situations. Furthermore, it’s victim blaming. I will leave that at that.

Let’s look at something else that happened recently..

First and foremost, rest in peace to this man. He didn’t deserve this.

Now.. Let’s look at the circumstances. Rappers today and for the last several decades are the first to flaunt. They wear diamond studded chains and rap about their alleged finances. They do it because some of us enjoy hearing it. And then there are others of us who don’t care for it. And then there are the few among us who become envious because of it. That is what is to be assumed about the men who took the life of XXXTentacion. It was supposedly a robbery.

Now let’s look at the parallels. Women in America are able to dress in whatever suggestive way they like. That’s freedom. But in some ways that awakens the predators. The same can be said of any given individual, especially young black men coming from a place where people have nothing and strut around showing off everything they have since their talent got them paid. And the predators watch. Do you think Drake’s dad would say to his son not to put himself in the light? Not to shine in a way that makes men who aren’t eating so well want to take what he has? I doubt it. Drake just bought him a Bentley for Father’s Day.

I am not taking sides here. Just observing.. But I will end on this.. Maybe we all need to humble ourselves a bit more..