Flaws And All by BeyoncĂ©


Circles by Tamar Braxton


R&B Love Music is my favorite music.. And it’s rare today.. So I was so very delighted to hear this for the first time last night. Shoutout to my friend Chelsea for hitting me up to tell me how amazing this album is. Enjoy 🙂

Classic Man Rem-Mix


I’m in a three piece givin’ notta fuck about fashion
Attractin’ paparazzi got me bustin’ up cameras
Not because I give fuck u muphuckin’ bastard
I dont need ya flash, bitch, I got it automatic

I hate small talk, feels fake like asses
In 2015, that’s what she bought instead of classes
Mixed, I’m mulatto but I love my blackness
I be on that new shit, but I’m still classic

Man.. I ain’t lookin’ for a fast chick..
Tryna get the pipe cuz the bitch so ratchet
I like a chick bad, I ain’t lookin’ for a bad bitch
Bad bitches barbie dolls asses plastic

Damn, and that ass is a hazard
Where u get it from, last year you aint have shit..
Now u gotta thang that turn a saint into a savage
Baby got back to get some backstage passes

How you get it, oh I got it, got to be magic
Whodini pulled a fatty out a fitted like a rabbit
Genie in the bottle and you wish to be a bad bitch
Went from being average to everybody’s bad list

Fairy godmother turned the pumpkin to a carriage
Now you got an onion that’s going to turn into a cabbage
I ain’t mad I’m just asking
you do what you gotta do to be a classic