Kanye Theory

I have been thinking and paying way to much attention to all this Kanye West shit. We all have. I discussed him during my whole lunch hour. I had a polarizing and futile argument with someone about him this morning. And I am watching a video of T.I. talk about him on The Breakfast Club right now.

Honestly it’s a bit refreshing though because finally someone I am interested in is outshining Trump’s media presence. Unfortunately it is BECAUSE of Trump.

Now.. Let’s examine a theory.

We are slaves. I am a slave. You are a slave. We are working on a plantation. We have no control over our own lives. The white man in the big house does. It almost sounds like a real metaphor, don’t it? But no I am speaking hypothetically. Imagine we are our slave ancestors. If you are white, take a moment to indulge in blackness. #NoCultureAppropriation You are a slave. Really envelope it for a moment. You don’t move when you want to. You are told when to move and if you refuse to move, you are punished severely. Real deal slavery. No metaphor.

Imagine there is another slave among us who has a position above us. He knows something we couldn’t possibly imagine. And because of that, he can’t even share information with us. In fact, we hate him. That nigga is the devil’s minion to us. He has close interactions with the white man who enslaves us. They laugh together while we die in the heat under the weight of free labor.

This “elevated slave” doesn’t hate us. In fact, he tries to share knowledge with us. He tries to teach us things that we couldn’t possibly learn under our circumstances. But still.. We see him pow wow with that white devil. How can we trust him? How can anything he says be taken at face value? How do we know he isn’t spying for the white man?

We can’t.

But he knows what he is doing. He knows that he is in a position to do something that we can’t do for ourselves, for we are but ordinary people enslaved physically and mentally. But he has a plan. But he can’t share it with us. See the same way we don’t trust him, he can’t trust us. He doesn’t know who among us is willing to sacrifice for a greater good or will out him for a chance at elevating ourselves. So he has to bear the burden of our hatred in order to save us.

Ok fine it was a metaphor lol..

After ingesting everything to do with Kanye West as of late, I am considering faith and accepting a possible ignorance. I have decided that maybe we need to trust his intentions over his actions. He has stated that he is for the people. I may not understand his motivations or the moves that he makes, but I know he has access to something that I don’t and he appears to be well intentioned.

Kanye West was interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God recently and that interview was published yesterday. It was enlightening in the sense that Kanye is more in touch with himself than it seems just from reading tweets and headlines. And he ended the interview on something that I think reveals everything. He walked Charlamagne through his newly purchased land ripe for development of a community. The last thing he said before the interview cut to black and ended was this: “Yeah we gon’ develop cities.”


I think Kanye West wants to build Wakanda.

Kanye West showed in the interview that he has done the work from a fashion perspective and fully developed his knowledge and passion. He further expressed a desire to give his clothing away to people in need when the time permits. I think he intends to walk the same path with real estate. And who better to mentor him in real estate development than the most high profile real estate developer in the world right now, our President.

So that’s just the theory based on his recent actions and the interview.

The other thing that came out yesterday was him stating on the record that “slavery is a choice”. What an ignorant statement. Am I right? On the surface maybe.. But what if it’s more than that? Kanye expressed in the interview that he feels forward thinking is more important than dwelling on the wounds of the past. He doesn’t want to see Harriet Tubman on the 20 dollar bill because he doesn’t want constant reminders of our terrible history. Wouldn’t that be like constantly reminding a rape victim of his or her rape? Isn’t healing about focusing on something positive rather than the worst memory of your life? What if Kanye just wants to promote a Wakanda state of mind. If we believe that Wakanda is possible rather than focusing on what prevented Wakanda from coming into being, perhaps Wakanda can actually become a reality in time.

What if Kanye wants to build that for us? What if Kanye has developed a new found confidence, partially because of Trump as he has stated, that he can become the President of the United States. What if Kanye even has intention of going the unconventional route and attempting a Republican candidacy? Well he very well might need the support of the current President.

There were a few awkward pauses in the Kanye Interview with Charlamagne when Tha God asked questions of Kanye that would force Kanye to possibly go against his support for Trump. If Kanye has a goal in mind like what I describe, saying the wrong thing could destroy the foundation of what he might be attempting. So he says nothing. He can’t speak to us the way he wants to because doing so might jeopardize the dream. It might tarnish the carefully crafted and slowly developed relationship with “the white man in the big house”..

This isn’t something you could possibly account for if you take everything that has been happening at face value. So I have chosen a dream. Perhaps a delusion.. I could be way off base and Kanye West just might be going crazy. It’s the more likely scenario.

But Imma dream. MLK had a dream. Without that dream, and more importantly faith in that dream, we wouldn’t be where we are now would we?

Anyway, here’s some homework:

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