Oh You Happy Huh?

My homeboy used to work with me. He, myself, and two other guys I went to college with all worked here. Technically we’re all friends, but anyway..

My homeboy got a new job some time ago. He, like the rest of us, wasn’t really happy here. The problem is that when you compare it to worse things, like the fact that we were all unemployed before this job, it’s not really a bad gig. It’s just not ideal, but anyway..

My homeboy moved on. I talk to him on a daily basis and he tells me he’s happy at his new place. That’s fun, but let me tell you what this happy motherfucker said to me a yesterday. The time was approximately 4 PM eastern standard time. I sent him an instant message asking why he was still at work. He’s usually gone by 2:30 PM, 3 at the latest. You wanna know what he told me?

“I was working and I lost track of time”

Did you now? You happy bastard.

I get off at 5. The second 5 o’clock hits, ain’t no losing track of time. I’m gone.

So the question is, why do I still come here then? But anyway..

Dream Fulfilled

Last night I dreamed I was courting a girl I used to chase back home. She was one of the ones that got away due to a problem on both sides. I met her when me and my cousin went to kick it with a girl he had a thing with. This girl had a cousin or a niece or something that lived two or three doors down. That cousin or niece or something is the chick from my dream.

She was light skinned with a fat ass and a pretty smile. I don’t recall a significant number of details about her except that she liked to dance at church and she lost her virginity on a park bench. Fast forward to when it fell apart. I was in my dorm during my first attempt at college. She was on my phone telling me she would be coming to campus. That for me was the opportunity to make something happen because up to that point all we ever did was talk on the phone. I don’t think we ever even kissed.

Anxious me, I’m chilling, waiting for her to pop up and it just never happened. Eventually I get a call about her not being able to find a ride. A more mature me would have found a way to understand. But this wasn’t mature me. “Well fuck you then” me was on that night. I probably still have a complex about being stood up by ladies I’m into due to how often it happened. This chick might be the one who turned it into a full on mental disorder the second time it happened.

Still fuzzy on the details, but fast forward to a time when I had my own car and happened to be hanging out with the same cousin who used to mess with her cousin or auntie or something and thus is the reason I met her in the first place. Somehow she and I had reconnected and I got her to let me come see her at the same place where I met her; her parents’ place, two doors down from her cousin or auntie or something. Me and my dude get over to her side of town and guess who disappears.

Phone calls and texts go unanswered and I never see her in person again. I do see her on facebook all the time though. She loves to repost things she finds funny and sometimes disgusting/interesting. Once she posted a video of a penis being surgically turned into a vagina (pretty dope to see btw). She’s a mom and a wife now too, but still overall a seemingly sweet person who still loves dance and lost her virginity on a park bench.

So yeah. I was at her house courting her in front of her family in a dream last night. It was a vivid dream full of innocence and childish romance. Her family fed me pizza. In the dream she lived two blocks up the street. Her bathroom looked like the one from the house I grew up in. I fell asleep on her bed next to her watching TV. The events in the dream took place after I ended my longest running real life relationship. Just a simple sweet day that I think I never got a chance to have with her. I got it last night. Dream fulfilled..